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Masterji is based on a true story.

It’s the depiction of the life of an untouchable man whose elders faced the stringent Criminal Tribes Act during the British Rule. He stood firm against the high castes and solely fought the battle against the world around him. This book provides deep insight into the life style of the people in the early 20th century specially a Sansi Tribe and so much more.

About MasterJi

Natha Singh alias Nathu is a retired primary school teacher in Narangwal, a village in Ludhiana district in the State of Punjab. He begins his day reciting from the Sikh holy books, then goes at dawn to the Gurudwara for morning prayers. Stooped and thin, he takes long, slow walks in the village fields, talks to other old men as they pass by and is greeted as “Masterji” by the younger men, many of whom were his students. Not many of them know the story of how he became “Masterji”, a respected school teacher.

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